Friday, January 19, 2007

Actually for tomorrow lar...

Expressed by Noorita Yusof at 11:26 AM
As tomorrow is my lonely-birthday, hari ni aku cam ada itu ala ala berperasaan sayu sket aa..

Ingat kot dapat la celebrate buat pertama kalinya dengan baby ngan hubby, tapi nampaknya hanya ada baby sahaja di sisi. yea yea ini adalah masalah berbangkit yang mana laki aku outstation kan, tapi the perasaan terkilan dan sedih tu masih berbekas di hati. eheh.

memang la dia dah promise nak selebret masa dia balik nanti, tapi itu cam on the 27th or 28th of January wuwuwuwu.... but my sebenar birthday is on 20th. wuwuwu...

tapi takpelah.
no choice. hm.

Somebody has send me all this info. Dapatla jugak sebagai hiburan 2 menet mee meggi buat aku.

Women And Their Zodiac Characteristics- AQUARIUS

Physical Appearance

•Fair, tall, elegant and sturdy <-- elegant. koh koh!
•A charming, oval face <-- charming okay. heh.
•The hair usually has a tinge of brown
•The teeth may be defective
•There may be a mole or scar on the calf muscle <-- a'ah la wei.

Mental Attitude

•Usually intelligent, you can see through the motives of a person. You have the ability to read the character of a person after a few meetings. <-- hmm acceptable!

•Blessed with a very high level of concentration and understanding, you can easily get to the root of any problem. <-- ye la. pandai la einstein ni kaji.

General Nature

•The Aquarian woman can be quite rigid in her views. You make friends with a lot of difficulty (mm tak aa susah sangat dapat kawan. ktap (bunyi jari berpetip) je eh!), but once made, the friendship is sincere and forever (except for the pengambil kesempatan. babai!).

•You are definitely not the kind of person who will back-bite and work against your friends. True to your words and feelings, you are not only sincere in front of a person but also even in his absence. <-- dengar tu rakan rakan...

•Women born under this sign are drawn to meditation. You can be a loner and may lead an almost hermit-like existence at some stage in life.

•As an Aquarian woman, you will also have a lot of interest in the material life (huh!!?). You may be inclined to accumulate a lot during your lifetime. But again, the present day woman may not actually identify in toto with the traits defined by the Zodiac astrology of yore.

•You are a systematic and organised worker. <-- tak baik riak wei!

•The strengths and weaknesses of an Aquarian woman are not read very easily. The world knows and understands only that what you want to make it understand! <-- aku sker writer ni!


•Infectious diseases, skin ailments, tooth troubles, tonsils and problems with leg muscles are some of the common problems women under this sign face. <-- so far tonsils prob jer.

•You also have to protect yourself from excessive heat and cold. Take sufficient rest and exercise for a well-toned existence.


•Slow and steady in earning money(see.. orang tak tamak gini la), you can accumulate a lot of wealth through your talent and ambition. You will not run after wealth, but wealth shall follow you forever. You also have the ability to create organisations and develop innovative systems through which you can earn large incomes.

•Though you will earn a lot, there is also the danger that you may get into the habit of cheating and deceiving those you deal with (ee?). Guard against this tendency or it could well lead to your downfall.

Romance And Sex Life <-- :")

•Aquarians seek refined and intelligent partners. Quite unassuming, you are not likely to boss over your partner. In fact, being a great student of human nature you will be able to exert a lot of control on your partner.

•In romance, you start a bit late but pick up fast. You soon learn very ingenious way of getting to know men and can lead them on to a merry chase! This satisfies your ego. But, when you do make the final choice, it is with great care. Once you get serious with a man you will be totally devoted to him.

•You will very rarely be jealous of other women.You will seldom have time for such thoughts, but if you find him insincere you can leave him without a second thought.

•Not interested in sex for the sake of it, you can be led into it with a lot of patience.

•Gentle rubbing on your calves and ankles makes you ecstatic.


•You marry late (opss! tak tua sangat ok), but divorces are very rare with Aquarian women. Your marriage will be considered as a model marriage. One, you have the ability to see through your partner and decide accordingly. Secondly, you are generally very beautiful. You are endowed with a charm which keeps your husband tied down to you for eternity! <-- haha! definitely!

•An Aquarian can handle her home and children in the most unconventional way.You may try strange combinations and arrangements and also make them look good.

•You will be able to handle guests in a most remarkable manner and can hold forth on any subject on earth. You can converse with children as if you are one of them and you can talk to an eighty-year-old as if you are of the same age group. <-- it works sometime.

Ideal Match

•Men born in Leo, Gemini and Taurus signs are the ideal match for you. <-- wat?? where is the Aries??


•A mood that fluctuates more easily than the weather can be your bane! You can sink from the heights of joy to the pits of depression. When on a high, you think the world is in your pocket and that you are a winner and shall remain a winner always. When in a pensive mood, you tend to think that there is no person more wronged as you have been, that you do not have a future... What you do and say during these irrational phases is what puts you in deep trouble.

•You should control your moods. Keep yourself calm and do regular meditation.

Lucky Day

Thursdays, Fridays and Tuesdays are lucky for you. <-- everyday is a lucky day for me :)


•3, 9, 2, 7 are your lucky numbers. <-- 11 mana?


Yellow, red and white are your lucky colours. <-- green??

Recommended Gemstones

•Diamond (diamond la sayang. diamond adalah habib jewels...ngengenge..), yellow sapphire and ruby are your lucky gemstones. The stones should be of a vibrant Aura and should not have been worn before. The weight of the stone should be decided as per your body weight and age.


happy 27th birthday to me.....

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