Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This is too much beb

Expressed by Noorita Yusof at 2:58 PM
Just now I had a fight with my colleague. It's all about leave!

Remember my last entry whereby I need to re-scheduled by plan as the day I wish to take leave is no more available. Taking by someone else which re-act more faster than me.

Then, it's ok.

First come, first served.

But, not this time.

I already applied for my leave like a week ago, planning ahead to take leave somewhere in June.

But somehow, this fuller who was ruined my long holiday before, suddenly claimed that he also told our Team Lead that he will taking leave on the exact day I was planning!!

What a very s**t co-incident!!

But not this time.


--> Because I already applied for my leave, in black and white, fulfilled the form all together.

--> I already have my Team Lead's approval.

--> You have no oral approval nor fulfilled any official leave form yet.

--> You are not be able to consider with me before so this time I will not let you to have my consideration at all.

--> I don't give a damned on what the purpose you want to take leave.
It's your sister's wedding or your grandpa's wedding or your bloody dog's wedding, I JUST DON'T CARE!!

--> What I know that I will at my home in my lovely Kampung Bukit Besar on that day without facing your bloody turban all my day.

--> Beside, you have no more leave to take as it's all already gone. See how 'hardworking' you are!

--> It's an unpaid leave and you still dare to ask me on how urgent my leave is and I need to consider on your head important leave! Wallauwey...

Now listen.

I just don't bother about you and you can find your own way to the darkest hell of your path!!

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Anonymous said...

somehow i'm imagining u frown n grit ur teeth while typing this blog...


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