Monday, June 11, 2007

Bersyukur kepada-Nya kerana...

Expressed by Noorita Yusof at 3:28 PM
** Looking outside, I can clearly see two Indon workers were hardly struggling pull off the rope to ensure that their position remain stable while washing up the huge glass windows.
While singing the dangdut songs, I think it will help them to fight the feeling of ngeri to fall down disebabkan oleh the hard and wooshy wind out there.

~ While I'm in here, with cold air, nice comfy chair, the MP3s.. All I need is just to move my fingers up and down, sometimes move the small shining mouse left and right to get my job settled.


** Looking from inside of the car, everyday I can see the already-dark-skin-apek lying on his old-like to-blow bike di tepi jalan wishing for any pancit bike tyre that he can help to change the tube off. I mean 60 mins per waiting just will get like RM3 per tube? Itupun kalo ada la..
Sometimes I guess when he become too bored, he will melambai tangan to all the drivers that turn the head over to him and sometimes helping the trafficman in swinging the hand just like the police did.

~ While I'm in the car, lazily lying beside hubby that struggling merempuh jam and stupid drivers all the way home. I mean, what do I need to hardly think after 6 pm? Just thinking of my little baby and the dishes rather than waiting for tayar pancit sampai malam??


** Looking at people who patiently waiting for the stupid-always-late bus coming, or waiting for tin sardine-lookalike-lrt, nothing that they can do. Just waiting and waiting.. and keep looking and looking at the watch...

~ While I am in my air-conditioning-owned car, no need to wait for any stupid-lazy-no-manners driver coming over to fetch me. I can just straight away drive to my office or home or oh I would like to berenti at 7-11 la kejap. To buy drinks..?!


** While all the surirumah back from kerja, rushing to kitchen preparing dishes for dinner, while the sisa kepenatan masih bersarang di kepala lutut. Don't ever dream to lying the bontot down on the comfy sofa, or take a nap or take a little laying down on the heavenly bed. What you need to to is to cook dear. Hubby and baby need to be feeded!

~ But I still can balik rumah then kiss kiss my dear little angle dulu, then can laying on carpet beleking paper or mags maybe. Or if I feel like too smelly I can just rush over to mandi manda..
While all the dished was already prepared by my in-law. I always like want to cook the dish who said I dowan, but she always like ala.. penat takpela.. mama dah masak pun.. Err.. what else to say..?


** I have received the mum-most-wonderful-dreaming-wish in only after 4 months after we get married. A year after, the little angle coming in our life.. And now heading for another..?

~ While there is a lot of couples out there still hoping for this..


What else can I complain..?

My life is just nice and perfect..

Syukur Alhamdulillah kepada-Nya..

2 thoughs.. on "Bersyukur kepada-Nya kerana..."

aku nak bersyukur gak said...

Kenapa mesti ko post entry yg touching ini...? Tiba tiba aku rasa cam sangat tidak bersyukurnya dengan kehidupanku...

Anonymous said...

u're such a lucky person dear!


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