Friday, May 2, 2008

Apsal nak kena jadik siput khinzir ha??!!

Expressed by Noorita Yusof at 1:23 PM
Aku paling benci bekerja dengan orang lembab!

Disebabkan oleh kelembaban ko tu, kerja aku pon tertangguh!

Hey, setiap kali pon macam ni!

Boleh speed up tak??

Engkau nak lemau, sila lemau seorang, jangan nak heret aku sekali ke lembah hina ko tu!


6 thoughs.. on "Apsal nak kena jadik siput khinzir ha??!!"

Anonymous said...

relax..... Try ask the person do things two days before due. Set that date a due date to him/her, else consider that miss your expectation....

Life would be easier for him/her ( on time arrangement ) and you ( on anger-cum-people management )


Anonymous said...

wooo..mad to the max huh,NooRita..Chill!! Just say it to her/him, much better than saying something behind their back...At least they know..Cool, take a deep breath, pregnant lady! It's not good for ur health!!


Aaron Kwok-GF =) said...

Wow..mad giler.... hehe...

I understand your feel... but if this case, you really need to give the dateline and make sure they obey the dateline.

As what your “secret-reader” said is correct, you must set the due date prior to your due date. Then you will have sufficient time. (DO NOT tell them your exact due date)

Really if he/she is not taking your advice in practice, you have no choice, but to confront him/her on this issue.

This is just one of the smallest issue’s in management. You need to get ready for more “cabaran” as the time go along.

Take care, don’t so angry, later baby also having bad temper…
Have a smile :D Good luck~

elevenapples on May 6, 2008 at 9:22:00 AM GMT+8 said...

The thing that make me really wanna to blow out is I oredi set a date line and send out a reminder mail to all. But it's seems that ada orang yg suka ikut kepala batu sendiri.
And keep dragging and dragging in every time asked for it.

I think I need to set a new due date to that special buddy. 3 days earlier than others!

Haha.. Nway, thanks guys for those advises. Really need them and appreciates it :).

Anonymous said...

Haha... Good one!
Set 3 days in advance compare to the rest.

And you know wat? If that doesn't help right. Try this, privately pull him out, confront him/her on the slowness and say out front that wat he doing is not going well. Set a target of expectation ( say next time when you need the same thing to be done ).

IF he/she still dun improve, nnounce the whole thing in team meeting. Specifically tell him/her that you set 3 days earlier compare to the rest of the team. Then push a line like "You shd know why" if he/her ask!!

Or you can save your breath and energy, tell him in private and set a target. Honest with him that if he dun improve, his review going to be ruin anyhow....

Good luck....and like wat AaronKwok's gf said, later baby bad temper! So take care..


Anonymous said...

Ha..itu macam la adik manis.. take care!!



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