Friday, February 12, 2010

Help me to become The Most Desirable Woman

Expressed by Noorita Yusof at 5:55 PM
Just a very quick update. (lupa gila nak post awal2).
Please please please kamu jangan nakal.. tapi please vote for me he...

Ok. Briefing.

Ieta ada masuk satu contest ni. Nuvafemme- The Most Desirable Woman.
So alhamdulillah I've been shortlisted to the final top 3 and at this stage, I will need all MALE voters outside to vote for me!

Yeap, only MALE saja leh vote (malangnya) and the lucky voter will stand a chance to go makan with the winner. cool!

Ini adalah lawan2 saya.

From left: Cay Kujjpers is the winner of Estee Lauder model search for 2008 and right, Jazmene Lim is the 2nd runner up winner for Miss Earth Malaysia 2008. And both are models and soooooooo sexy! Plus Cay is the cover girl for Clive mags and Jazmene is for FHM mags!

The only Hijabi is me. So mari kita buktikan bahawa wanita bertudung mampu member saingan senget gitew..!

And this is my page. Promise me jangan gelakkan video gedik I tu ye!? PROMISE!!

My Page- Interview nyah..

My Page- Amber Chia time..!

So guys, please please go to and do VOTE for me - NOORITA BINTI YUSOF ya!

Undi dibuka sampai hari Ahad ni 14th Feb 2010 sahaja! Cepat-cepat!  Bantulah saya mencapai impian menjadi wanita yang paling menawah.. cewah!!  Hehe.. Macih kawan2... ^_^

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zura on February 17, 2010 at 9:39:00 AM GMT+8 said...

~ uhhuu...

ayu giteww... (ieta kah...?) =D


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